• Surfactants of Amino Acids

    Table of Contents For This Article: 1. Development of Amino Acids 2. Structural properties 3. Chemical composition 4.Classification 5. Synthesis 6. Physicochemical properties 7. Toxicity 8. Antimicrobial activity 9. Rheological properties 10. Applications in the cosmetic...
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  • Medical Silicone Oil

    Medical Silicone Oil Medical silicone oil is a polydimethylsiloxane liquid and its derivatives used for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases or for lubrication and defoaming in medical devices. In a broader sense, cosmetic silicone oils ...
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  • Gemini Surfactants and their antibacterial properties

    This article focuses on the antimicrobial mechanism of Gemini Surfactants, which are expected to be effective in killing bacteria and can provide some help in slowing down the spread of new coronaviruses. Surfactant, which is a contraction of the phrases Surface, Active ...
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  • The principle and use of demulsifier

    Demulsifier Since some solids are insoluble in water, when one or more of these solids are present in large quantities in an aqueous solution, they can be present in water in an emulsified state under stirring by hydraulic or external power, forming an emulsion. Theor...
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  • List of surfactant properties

    Overview: Compare the alkali resistance, net washing, oil removal and wax removal performance of various surfactants commonly available on the market today, including the two most commonly used categories of nonionic and anionic. List of alkali resistance of var...
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  • Properties and applications of dimethyl silicone oil

    Due to the low intermolecular forces, the helical structure of the molecules, and the outward orientation of the methyl groups and their freedom to rotate, the linear dimethyl silicone oil with Si-O-Si as the main chain and methyl groups attached to the silicon atoms has...
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